Thursday, July 9, 2015

The day of 29,000 steps

This was not intentional but I'm actually really proud of that number! Though I feel I have now set an unreasonably high standard so that when I only hit, say, 18,000, it will feel like I need to walk more =x
I started off with plans to climb Diamond Head for the beautiful views, relatively simple climb, and beacuse it's a mile from where I'm staying. I took off pretty early, paid my $1 to get in- though now I can go back for free with my student ID!- and began. It's a steep path that winds up until you reach a long set of steps up to the lookout deck. From there you get beautiful views of the ocean, all of honolulu, and the crater down below. Photos soon!

My plan was to go to the Diamond Head beach park so I took off towards that, not realizing that you have to circle the entire mountain to the other side. Having the same name does not mean they are anywhere close together, so I was tired and ready to lay down by the time I got there. I read for about 30 minutes but ended up not staying long because the beach is too rocky for swimming since it's more of a surfer's beach. Afterwards I walked about 2 miles back so I could get lunch and clean up before going to the campus with Carol and a Japanese student she had just picked up. We wanted to explore and find our classrooms so that we wouldn't be lost Monday morning. UH is a beautiful campus! Well, really, it just fits the whole Honolulu scene, full of flowers, Asian inspired architecture, and open green spaces. We are actually in some temporary buildings the first part of the day, then Moore Language Center for our labs. I didn't realize it before, but UH has some amazing language and interpreting programs and quite the reputation. I feel a little more special having been accepted!

Afterwards I had Carol drop me off in China town to walk around that area and the downtown for a while. It was a little quiet since it was a Sunday but still fun. I love China towns! I replaced my jade bracelet from Beijing, which unfortunately broke a few months ago. I like the new one but not sure it's as well made as the original from the jade factory. I picked up a mango from a market- not that cheap but better than the insane 6.99 a lb I've seen it for everywhere! I walked by some historical sites because everything was closed, but then ended up talking to some really nice Hawaiian guys who were playing eukelele outside of these historical homes. I like the vibe here, everyone is friendly and welcoming :) I ate another food court dinner at the mall before taking a bus back. I know my food on this trip has been really boring! I usually love to explore the local cuisine and try new restaurants and cafe's but with these prices I'm trying to stick to the basics, not to mention traditional Hawaiian entails roasting an entire pig or spam filled sushi!

I'll get school updates on here soon!

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