Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Arrival plus July 4th or really just day 2 in Honolulu for me

Let's get this down before I forget! I have been walking, walking, walking and setting new unreasonable standards for my step count on my iPhone!

After settling in and unpacking on Friday, I walked to Waikiki beach to swim in both the more family friendly beach near me, and the further one where they have the surf lessons. As I was told, Waikiki is the rich area so I walked around the shopping center past all the Versace, and Gucci, and fancy names before finding a grocery store and finding similiar Gucci level prices there so I ended up walking further to the safeway that was slightly better.
Saturday morning I walked about a mile to the community college where they have a huge farmers market. I loved it! The prices are actually not bad and I got a bag of purple sweet potatoes and a baby watermelon. There are also a lot of free samples and food vendors. From there I took the bus into town to go to the 24 hour fitness. It's an impressive gym! 3 floors of weight machines and free weights, plus some punching bags in a boxing ring I may use ;)

 I'll have to compare it to the school gym this week in order to decide where to go. Most things were closed for 4th of July so I ended up walking to the shopping mall, not for shopping but for eating. My $12 meal from the food court might be the cheapest it's going to get, it may become a go to place.  Afterwards I tested out the Ala Moana beach park. It has a little enclosed cove where everyone had set up tents and were grilling and cooking food, looked like fun! I chose to set up on the beach side for the extra breeze, though it was just as packed. I read for a while, spoke to a couple from Arkansas, since I recognized the familiar southern accent. Is it weird that I miss things like that? I miss spanish even more, I'm so used to being surrounded by it in Houston and it made it harder that Argentina vs Chile Copa America finals were on and there are no bars that play soccer games here....(edit) we lost anyways :(

Afterwards, I wandered back through the Hilton and noticed the beautiful pool, as well as the fact that no one stopped me from walking in. This was really nice and has been noted for future occasions. The Hilton also has an entire shopping center inside so I charge my phone and myself at starbucks while catching up on the internets. By that point it was only 5 and I felt like I was ready for bed, and also if you recall from the last post, I was getting kind of lonely being so alone among everyone who had gotten together for the holiday, I miss you guys! I'd planned to watch fireworks on the beach but with no one to share it :\
So I wandered back almost the entire way down Kalakaua Ave, the main Waikiki drive, picked up a few food items, then had to uber it back because I was exhausted. We had a nice view of the fireworks at the house, so we watched then hung out for a bit until I went to bed with big plans for Sunday morning!

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