Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow in Houston!

Hi readers! I just wanted to quickly update because, get this: It's 30 degrees and snowing in Houston!
Actually it has snowed the last few years in a row. Yes, it's only for a day usually and only just barely accumulates an inch or two before turning slushy, but it's still such a novelty for us native warm weather people. I find it super exciting!
The photos from my 10th floor balcony don't look like much but I'll take more and post them if it accumulates later. My parents might get some nice snow out in the suburbs. I live in the downtown area, which is also not the norm for Houston.

This brings me to my next point, since this is a travel blog, there are a lot of great and unexpected things I could share with you about my own hometown. Maybe I'll convince some of you to come visit! I promise it's not all big oil, astronauts and cowboys!
Of course I want to plan this out and do some research before doing a long Houston post but I wanted to get you all excited for it. So is there anything you want to know? Any myths or anything you've heard about Houston? I'd love to share all the cool things that have been going on in Houston lately and the improvements that have been made in the last couple of years. Houston is becoming a real city!

So be prepared for this post, and in the meantime, I didn't want to leave you hanging with nothing to read for so long. I've been busy with LOTS of interpreting, friends and family visiting, game nights and lots of cooking and baking. My friend gave me her bread machine because she never used it, so I've been having fun with that along with inventing new dinner recipes such as this one:
and hosting a nice dinner party to test it out. Go and vote for me! There are sooo many great recipes though so I'm feeling the competition, but it was fun nonetheless to participate.
I have a lot to be thankful for! My thanksgiving was huge, over 30 people at my parents house. I loved it! Everyone was together, my brother came home from Austin, family was here from Argentina and we put ourselves into a pleasant food coma and sat down and watched Religulous  by Bill Maher to finish off the night, haha. I hope that gives you a good insight into what my family is like.

The snow is still coming down hard so I think I'll leave you with some pictures and maybe bundle up and go play! Hasta la proxima!

This picture makes me really happy! We're almost never all together like this. These are my "little" brothers. There's David, me of course, and Michael. Interesting tidbit: I'm almost 5'9, so they're really not so little anymore :\

Awww my puppy! Percy is 13 years old and has gone completely gray. 

What's Thanksgiving without pie? 


itsawrapteacher said...

I heard you guys were having snow in Houston. We got a little bit yesterday up here in Arlington but nothing major. What the crap? I live in Texas for a weather! Goodie, I can't wait to see what you guys do for fun there. I'm actually supposed to drive down there soon to visit some friends. We might have to meet up too!

Gaby said...

I know! I'm such a warm weather person! I think we should just move to the tropics so we don't have to worry about this haha. As cool and exciting as the snow was, I was just running out for 5 minutes at a time to play in it but then I'd have to run back in to warm up. It was really pretty to watch out the window with a cup of hot cocoa though!
Let me know when you're coming to Houston, I'd love to have a blogger meet up!

Kiki said...

Pssst. Gaby! Hi! So jealous of your snow. I think we're supposed to be getting some here tomorrow, but I really doubt it'll stick.

Glad you're been keeping busy and that translating is going well! I'll definitely vote for you for the POM contest :] Much love x

Tricia said...

My parent live in Austin and they had a bit of snow the other day. I miss Texas. :(

Katie said...

Hi Gaby! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! Let me know what you think about Eating Animals when you finish it. And i just added the cutoutandkeep blog to my reader; I'd never seen it before. Too many things to make already, it's probably the last thing I need. Sounds like we have a lot in common, come back and check out my blog whenever you get a chance!

Anonymous said...

WHAT?! Snow in Houston? Is that even possible? I thought it was WARM down there! OMG...what is this world coming to?