Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quick update

Hello lovely friends!
This will be quick because I'm tired and it's late, plus we are all sharing one computer. 
BUT, I arrived in Barcelona yesterday morning safe and sound after a long and bumpy sleepless night, but what can I expect from airplanes? 
Other than that I ran surprisingly well on zero hours of sleep and was able to see a lot yesterday. 
We did even more walking today and saw the old fortress, the Olympic stadium among many other things. Plus a yummy stop for gelato and good trip to El Corte Ingles. That was so nostaligic for me! I loved grocery shopping there while I was in Madrid. 
A lot of things are actually bringing back great memories of living in Spain. I love it here! I'm so excited for the rest of my vacation. Tomorrow we're doing all the Gaudi spots and maybe going by the beach if there's time. 
Then Friday my mom will be here so hopefully she can join me for some "commercial" sightseeing :)

Bueno, t'luego tios/as
Til next post,


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